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2023/7/6: A New Beginning

Well, here we are. I've been working on this website and I am excited to open up this blog section for some of my experiments. The other week I was talking to someone about a little project I will be working on soon. (once I am less focused on cleaning up this website to make it a good foundation for my future endeavors) So look forward to that :3. I'd also like to set up RSS here. That's probably the next thing I will work on.

As for non tech related stuff, my life has been really great lately! Just really overwhelming lol. I've been super social and have a really cool friend group now!!! It's all been a lot of fun and has given me so much more motivation to work on stuff... speaking of,

I am publicly releasing a free interactive fiction game soon!!!!, but you'll hear more about that once it's ready. It'll probably be like a week or so from today. (as of writing) It's just a little vent game I created while waiting to move. I'm really glad with how it came out though and am excited to share it with you all 💜💜

Anyways, that's basically all for now. I will keep working on this site and doing a lot to learn so I can work on more of my dream projects as always. Thanks for being here and reading through my thoughts and I hope you'll be around to see my plans materialize :3 -2078 💜