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2023/10/11: An Update on Plans

Well damn it's been a bit with no updates. I kinda had multiple Major Life Events all at once after my last post, which kinda shuffled around my plans. A bunch has changed behind the scenes (I moved again!) and like a bunch of other stuff. I should be getting back to my regular schedule soon hopefully (and finally releasing that game).

I was kept from releasing the game I mentioned before from some issues with support is being pretty unhelpful about. Other than that, I've learned to solder and modded my DSi to have a USB C port which is pretty cool. I have a bunch more little projects like that I am excited for. I had a post I wanted to make here about a little test I was doing with the DSi camera, but I would rather wait to make that for now, until I am completely finished modding it. Besides, that also means I get to show it off in the post :3.

I've met even more new friends since last time and that's been nice. I hopefully can now get more comfortable writing things here and can start sharing bigger blog posts with more substance soon. I love you all and I look forward to having more of an online presence going forward. -2078 💜